Dear Reader,

Thank you for stopping by.  I have so many things in store!  I’m working on an online program and a newsletter about how to achieve your vibrant life by channeling your inner self.

…Hmm, but I am still working on the content development, so just to set your expectations low, this website will remain under construction for a few more months 🙁 poopy.  However! I would love to keep in touch and email you as soon as things are more ready.  Leave your email below and I’ll make sure to include you in the soon to be launched newsletter (around May 2013)!

Not to leave you in the dark, here is a quick summary of what’s been happening with me these past 12 months:

The past year I’ve been going through a deep inner journey into researching what truly is a meaningful, successful, happy life.  There are so many ideas that I learned and see all around me that try to tell me what I should strive for.  So I did strive for those things and felt deeply unhappy.

I finally made some changes in my life in spring 2012 and was able to focus 100% on this research journey.  I was able to meditate more, write and reflect.  Finally I had time to work on the systems I felt I needed to channel my creative energy into my product and keep me balanced.  It’s been a scary, exciting,  awesome journey.

I would love to write …and now I’m so happy everyday, but that’s hmm not really the case.  I’m happier which I’m so grateful for, because I kind of thought I would never really know consistent happiness.  So what I’ve learned hasn’t delivered me unwavering happiness, but it has taught me:

  • That a deeper inner unconditional peace and happiness does exist
  • What I need to practice in my life everyday to connect with that.

My goal is to break up what I learned that has helped me, into fun exercises and systems that you can use to tap into your inner bliss.  One of the cornerstones of my system is being able to funnel your energy towards a deeply passionate goal you have.  Therefore a big part of my research is discovering truly effective ways to keep you energized and focused so you achieve your goals.

In addition, it’s a much more holistic goal setting program, compared to books that basically say set major milestones and then smaller ones.  This program is about techniques that invigorate every cell in your body to keep you puuuumped UP! and focused on your project till success.

You can do it.  I know you can.  The world needs you.

I’m so excited!  I cannot wait to share my findings with you.  But I guess being the nervous planner that I am, I want it to be organized and immediately useful for your own journey.  So this whole process is taking some time.  I hope to launch the newsletter in May 2013, and the program some time later (hehe real specific).

Please leave your email contact below because I can’t wait for our next connection.

Thanks again for stopping by :)!