Hi, vibrant entrepreneurs. This is Kristy with the vibrant entrepreneur podcast. And I’m so excited that you joined me because this is one of my eighth or ninth podcasts and it’s been really a long time for me to get here. So thanks for joining me.

And I’m trying to figure out what you want to hear about. It’s like a very, it’s like the lean startup actually. So I’m, recording these podcasts, not super expensive, and I’m trying different topics and I’m trying to figure out what topic I love to talk about and what I feel really confident that I can give you value on. But also, what are you looking for as an entrepreneur? Are you looking for more processes, automation, energy inspiration? How to stay centered and focused? Maybe a specific how to create worksheets for delegation? Or maybe how to do your books? How to bring a product to market?

So there are so many things that we could talk about that I would love to share experiences, find interviewees on and share best practices from books that I’ve been reading. But I just don’t know what would help you the most. So please leave comments below, message me or I should, I’m going to create a survey. That’s what I’m going to do. I’m gonna create a survey. It’s going to be linked below. And thanks for thinking that through with me. And I love and appreciate so much, so much if you could fill that out and let me know because I am excited to connect and help deliver good content.

So that’s one thing. Another thing that’s been going on in my life specifically today life. So I was have one of those moments where self-doubt to just like creeped in slowly you have slowly and the next thing you know it’s here and it’s just kinda wiggling in your ear and say, “Oh I don’t know if I can do this. Maybe no one wants to talk to me” and then next thing you know, it’s just like right there everywhere I look — self doubt.

And in this form I’ve been worried. I started to worry that no one wanted to talk to me on my show because, you know, I’m a small time entrepreneur. I mean I’ve had half a million dollar companies and I’ve invested in real estate and I’ve managed teams of 10 to 20 people, but I’m still relatively unknown. I kind of stayed under this rock even though I wanted to communicate a lot because I felt like I needed to figure things out first and get my ducks in a row and really feel like I understand the structure of what I think is a successful business should look like. So I’m just slowly, slowly creeping out of, from under that rock and finding my way and wondering if people want to talk to me. — By the way, if you would like to be on my show, I would like to talk to you. Just message me.

I’m basically looking for other entrepreneurs or people involved in bringing products to market. Anybody who can help an entrepreneur be successful during the startup and growth phases of a small business or even a small department.

So that’s what I’m trying to do. And it’s just that, that fear of before I even open my email of, of emailing people and inviting them to share their experience on my show, I just started to think, look, maybe they don’t want to talk to me and like why would they want to talk to me? And like, what do I have to share and will I be able to help them achieve their goals?

So that that happened, that happened and it felt like a replay of literally us five, six years ago when I was mentioned in one of my past posts about how I just get so much anxiety and so much self doubt and, and, and it was hard being by myself — different this time because I have a dog. So he always loves me. And I have some staff that I still work with, some virtual assistants and I want to talk about that in another podcast.

But I think that it’s still hard because it’s still by myself. I’m new and, and I started to think about — I’m sweating cause it’s a little hot in here — I started thinking about what would help me.

First of all, first things I did was I went to the gym, very helpful, pumping some weights. And then second I started to ask myself, you know, “why was I starting to look on BizBuySell to buy a business again?” Because, and it was because I want to, what’s more motivating to me, I think for a lot of people, is really delivering some type of work to someone and getting immediate feedback.

And I saw a ted talk about working alone and how it kills your energy. Totally true! But also the fact is that it’s very expensive to involve so many people when you’re just testing ideas. So I just told myself, I strongly believe in when you’re starting a business or even when you have a business and you’re growing it, to always incorporate a virtual assistant or someone that you’re working with because they help you stay structured.

And then the next podcast, that led to a topic that I’m going to talk about, in that next podcast, but about hiring virtual assistants, a hiring or an assistant in house so that you have, or that I would have someone to deliver content, to deliver achievables to and feel like I’m achieving something, even if I hired them and I told them to give me that deadline or told them to expect something from me. So that’s what I’m going to be doing.

And I also went back to my daily viable, no, it wasn’t daily blog. It was minimum daily product. So MDP, which is whatever happens, just imagine I have Anna Wintour or some amazing editor expecting for me some videos and you just got to do it. I just gotta do it.

I may think right now or a couple of hours ago that, you know, Oh God, no one wants to talk to me. I can’t even appear on video. I think like the stock market of self confidence was happening and I just have to go and do it and, and not think so much about, will, someone like it, but just do it so I don’t get fired. So I put that mentality on and it helped me get to this point.

I felt pretty good that I, I’m at, at least here. I did my hair. I did my makeup.

So hopefully that just, just an encouraging story of sometimes you just imagine you have a manager and you just got to do it, especially the hard things. And when you’re getting through that growth phase and start a phase and you’re, you’re doing the things you maybe you don’t want to do because the end goal is to, is really to manage other people who do it. Or the end goal, you know, is, is really to have a different role. Sometimes you just have to have your minimum daily product and you have to set it for yourself and push yourself to get to it.

So that’s a sharing story for me. Thanks for listening on on my, what’s been happening with me.

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