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The 5 Steps to getting to the Action Satisfaction Zone

I’ve thought about it and have identified these 5 basic steps to move our energy into what I call the Action Satisfaction Zone of work.  These steps can work great for any goal, big or small.

  1. When: Set up a Time-Bucket.  This is just a set start and end time that you will work on your project.  Try to do it in 30 minute intervals.
  2. Where: Set up a workspace that allows you to focus and has all the tools you need near you.  You will need a count down timer that can time you for 25 minutes, plus a 5 minute break.  It should be nice and big so whenever you look up you instantly see it without having to click anywhere.
  3. What: Clarify the goal/vision that you hope to achieve.
  4. How: List the very next physical action steps (5-10 steps) that need to be taken to make progress towards your vision.  Tasks should be between 3-10 minutes.  The more overwhelming the project, the more specific (to the point of even 1 minute or 2 minute tasks).  For example, let’s say you have to write a newsletter for your personal training company, instead of writing the step as “finish newsletter” or even “finish copy”, make the physical action step, “write 150 words about techniques to stay in shape for the winter”.
  5.  Now next to each action step estimate how long it will take to do each one.  (Tip:  I often underestimate how long each task will take, so if you are like me add 4-8 minutes to each step).
    1. Looking at your list of tasks, if something is estimated to take more than 20 minutes, break it down to smaller steps.  If you estimate the 3 paragraphs will take 30 minutes, break it down into 1 paragraph (with a time estimate of 10 minutes).

Now you have everything well-defined to get started!  Use this printable worksheet to implement the 5 steps above.

The schedule I suggest when to use during your Action-Bucket is also on the worksheet.  The schedule is:

2-2.5 hour Time-Bucket broken up into these 30 minute intervals.

  • 25 minutes of doing.
  • 5 minute break
    • Ideas of things to do during the break
      • Deep breathing.
      • Congratulate yourself for what you have done.
      • Water
      • Bathroom

One idea to make this extra fun is do it with a friend,  So after each 25 minute interval discuss what you got done for a few minutes and then talk about what you plan to finish in the next 25 minutes.

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