2 thoughts on “About my 5 Day Volcano Meditation Hike

  1. Hey Kristy,

    What a great video, now I want to find out how the hike went. This site looks great as well. Perhaps in the future when we both get a bit of a bigger list, we can look at some type of JV? Was it difficult to get your site up to this point? I have been having challenges with the web site development side of things. Anyways, take care.

    Al Bargen

    1. Thanks Al for your comment! My site took some time and my writing even more!! I love fitness so yes we’ll definitely have to look into that in the future. Yah the whole website thing can be tricky. If I can think of a solution for you I’ll let you know. Good job with the google posts, I think that’s great. 🙂

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